2017 Yamaha EX


Yamaha has launched an exciting addition to Yamaha’s 2017 line up of high performance WaveRunners – delivering maximum fun for minimal outlay. With its lightweight and nimble hull design, and high performing Yamaha TR-1 engine, the Yamaha EX punches well above its weight, when it comes to excitement, performance and price.


This craft has been designed to deliver unmatched agility and exceptional fun on the water, while continuing to maintain the stability, versatility and full three-seat configuration that makes Yamaha WaveRunners ideal for families and three-up riding.


While the Yamaha EX is an affordable option for first time buyers, it is also suitable for more experienced riders who crave the excitement and direct control. With the release of the new Yamaha EX, there has never been an easier and more affordable way to own a high performance Yamaha WaveRunner.



- Multifunction LCD Instrumentation

- Reboarding Handle

- Tow Hook

- Glove Box

- Hydro-Turf Mats

- Under Seat Storage

- Automatic Bilge System


Engine + Drivetrain:

- Yamaha TR-1 Marine Engine  

- 1049cc, Three-Cylinder, Four Stroke

- 144mm High Pressure Pump

- Electronic Fuel Injection


Hull + Deck

- SMC – Hull and Deck

- 1-3 Persons

- 52 Litres of Fuel Capacity

- 30 Litres of Storage

Product Details
WaveRunner:2017 Yamaha EX
Length:3.05 m (10.01 ft)
Engine:4 stroke
Engine capacity:1049 cc

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